garage door repair njDo-it-yourself repairs around the home are becoming ever popular. While there are some minor garage door repairs that you can do on your own, there are some that are just so tricky or dangerous that a professional is required.

Professionals in garage door repair in NJ can ensure that the biggest mechanism in your home is running smoothly and safely.

The importance of ensuring that your garage door elements are working properly and in tandem is integral to keeping you, your vehicle, and your family safe from a malfunctioning door.

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System collected data from hospitals regarding injuries received from garage doors, and injuries received during DIY was number three only after a pinch or crush and falling doors.

Injuries from trying to repair your home’s garage door can vary from electrocution, pinching, crushed limbs from heavy doors, falls from a ladder, and lacerations or deep cuts. The 1610 injuries reported by the NEISS in 2007 could have been prevented through consultation with a professional in garage door repair, NJ.

Weather Seal Replacement

Weather seals are an important part to protect your garage and assets from harsh winter weather such as snow or rain.

The seals can be ripped from your garage door if the area underneath the door has a build-up of water or ice. You can purchase kits through local retailers or your local garage door repair shop in NJ, but the process is confusing and can take more than one person if you’re not familiar with the process.

Replacing your weather seal can be dangerous because of all the pushing and pulling required to ensure that the weather stripping is properly in place.

While this may be a cheap part to replace, it’s incredibly important in ensuring that your garage is kept sealed during extreme temperatures.

Door Spring Replacement

The spring is the most common replacement required of your garage door due to improper maintenance or severe temperatures.

The spring is the single most important part of the opening and closing of your garage door. The springs supports the entire weight of the door and wind under pressure to tighten and loosen each time you use it.

Since these springs are intertwined with the entire workings of your garage door, the replacement of them can be hazardous and requires specialized tools and knowledge. Using screwdrivers, pin punches, or pliers to unwind a torsion spring can result in an immediate trip to the emergency room.

While there are some replacements that someone with strong mechanical skills could do on their own, replacing the springs is a job for your professionals in local garage door repair in NJ.

Broken Cables

This essential safety mechanism can seem small and easy to repair, but without a proper education and mechanical background, one missed step could result in serious physical injury.

The garage door cable prevents broken or damaged high-tension springs from propelling into your garage at high-velocity that can damage your car or worse, a person.

Since the cable is intertwined with the springs, which require special materials and a highly specialized professional to remove, the two are inextricably linked when it comes to repairs.

Roller Replacement

If not properly lubricated, or simply from wear and tear, your door rollers can chip or crack and result in a rough and rigid door operation. They could also pop out of the track if the track itself is bent, but simply repairing the rollers won’t fix this problem.

Trying to replace rollers on your own could result in a damaged track, bent supports, or personal injury as you have to remove the hinge that holds the track in place.

Panel Replacement

garageA garage door should be replaced if it’s been damaged by being bent or hit, has started sagging, or when you simply want to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

According to the 2010 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement is the #2 remodeling project to enhance your home’s value. Of all renovations, however, completely replacing the wood paneling or metal panel nets homeowners the most value, with an 84% cost recoup on your home’s resale.

Removing and replacing heavy doors can result in physical injury due to the complicated nature of removal. Not only could the door fall and crush someone during the replacement, but other pieces of the frame and mechanisms could be damaged resulting in potential future injury. Homeowners looking to DIY the replacement of their garage door panel should consult professionals in garage door repair NJ.

Any of the above repairs could be the culprit of a more serious repair that your garage door requires. Simply replacing what is perceived as the culprit could lead to a more serious issue forming later on down the road. Ensuring that the entire mechanics of your garage door are operating properly requires knowledge in the entire operation and a proper maintenance plan that keeps all the parts working in harmony.

Garage doors keep you and your family protected from inclement weather while acting as an extension of your home’s storage. But trying to repair a door, or door opener on your own could result in electrocution, crushed limbs, or worse.

If you’re looking for garage door repairs in NJ, Rissland Garage Doors and Services can guarantee a properly repaired garage door and opener system.