You may not thing about the operation of your garage door—unless something goes wrong. Garage doors are your home’s largest moving part. When garage doors malfunction, they can cause damage to your property or injury to your loved ones.

In addition, broken garage doors can be an open invitation for burglars. In the U.S. alone, a burglary happens every 15 seconds. The average loss due to a break in is $1,675 dollars. Simply put, you cannot let a broken garage door put your family and valuables at risk.

At Rissland Garage Door, we know a broken garage door can be a serious emergency for many homeowners. We offer prompt and professional repair service to get your garage door back into perfect working order as soon as possible. When seeking top-quality garage door repair in NJ homeowners trust Rissland Garage Door as our area’s leading experts.

We also believe in educating our customers and the homeowner community. That’s why we are sharing the 6 signs that your garage door needs repair.

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Sign #1: Your Garage Door Fails to Open or Close

Failure to open and close is an obvious sign of garage door issues. If you have a keypad or control panel, a failed connection between that device and the garage door may be the culprit. Door issues are the other common cause. Retest your control devices and make sure nothing is blocking your garage door. If you still experience opening and closing problems, it is time to call a professional for garage door repair in your home.

Sign #2: Your Garage Door is Slow in Responding to Commands

If you have been using an automatic garage door opener for a while, you have likely grown conscious of its response cycles. You likely experience that your door starts moving within a second or two after you press the correct button on your keypad or control panel. In addition, your door should open and close smoothly without any disruptions. Any unexpected hesitation in operation can signal a potential door issue.
The problem could be with the automatic garage door opener or the door itself. You need a professional evaluation to understand the root cause of the problem. Expert garage door repair in NJ can address the problem.

Sign #3: Your Garage Door is Exceptionally Noisy

Older garage doors and chain driven models tend to be noisy. However, if you notice more noise than usual, even from these styles of doors, this could be the sign that your garage door needs repair. Typical causes of loud garage door operation include issues with springs, openers, or opener brackets. With professional garage door repair in NJ homeowners can alleviate this issue.

Sign #4: Your Garage Door Sags


Even if you have an automatic garage door opener, you should get in the habit performing a simple manual test on a regular basis. All you need to do is disconnect the garage door from its opener and test opening and closing it by hand. Raise or lower the door to the halfway mark and leave it there. It should stay in place and not continue to rise or fall on its own. Any continued movement is a sign of a balance problem. If it does move, the likely cause is an issue with your tension spring.

Although you may be tempted to check it out yourself, definitely leave it up to the professionals. Garage doors repair in NJ requires expert knowledge and specific tools. Do-it-yourself (DIY) garage repair is a top cause of at-home injury. In one year alone, over 1,600 people suffered injury due to attempted DIY garage repair. By seeking professional garage repair in NJ homeowners can avoid these unwanted consequences.

Sign #5: Your Garage Door is off its Tracks

Garage doors reside on tracks. However, your garage door can come off its tracks. Most often, this problem arises when a door has suffered damage or is in poor condition. You need to seek out garage door repair service in your home to correct this serious issue.

Sign #6: Your Energy Bills are Increasing

If you have an garage door which is more than 20 years old, you may be paying more for heating and cooling costs than you should. Many newer model doors are much more energy efficient than their predecessors. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that garage door improvements are a great option for any homeowner who wants to live a greener lifestyle.

You can select insulated garage doors for a warmer home in the winter, and greater energy efficiency all year round. In addition, you can seek out garage doors made from recycled content. Instead of opting for garage door repair in NJ homeowners can replace an old garage door with a new eco-conscious and budget-friendly new model.

Professional Garage Door Repair NJ Homeowners Trust

At Rissland Garage Door, we have more than 40 years of focused experience in garage door repairs and service. We stock a complete inventory of parts so that we can complete the garage door repair in NJ homeowners need without any delay.

When you call us, one of our skilled technicians arrives at your home, inspects your door, and provides you professional repair service. In addition, we back our repairs up with a workmanship guarantee, so you know you are receiving expert repairs at a great value.

If you prefer a garage door replacement, we can provide that too. We are happy to provide you a free consultation to help you understand which garage doors can work best in your home.

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