garage-door-service-njThe number of eco-friendly homes in New Jersey are definitely on the rise. With many homeowners striving to create greener living spaces; switching to environmentally friendly efficiencies in every room has become necessary to adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not to be left behind, even your garage can be modified to become a greener space – with a few eco-friendly steps.

To begin with, while surveying your garage for greener improvements, contact a garage door service repairman for a visit to your home and ask for recommendations of options that will decrease your household impact to the environment. For example, older garage doors and openers may be replaced with newer models that have been designed to be more environmentally conscious. A garage door service professional will be an immeasurable source of assistance on your path to transforming your garage by making greener choices. At Rissland Garage Doors, our service professionals know the best eco-friendly options for your garage door. Many new innovations and technologies have been implemented in the manufacture of garage doors and we know which products will result in the greenest outcome for your home – saving you money, and reducing your environmental impact with recycled materials. We know that a few garage-centric changes will increase the resale appeal of your home and provide the added benefit ofincreased savings on utility bills. In today’s competitive housing market, having the additional selling feature of a green garage can also give your home an advantage over other properties for sale in your neighborhood.

–       US homebuyers, on average, are willing to pay 11-25% more for a green home which increases property values for homes that embrace eco-friendly innovations.

–       Remodeling a home to incorporate green products occurs at a rate of 40% because so many buyers are interested in going green.

–       It has been suggested that the demand for green homes will increase 900% over the next 5 years (that is an increase from $2 billion today to over $200billion in the future).

Essentially, there are six simple steps that will make your garage a more eco-friendly space, many of which are common sense green practices that your family is likely already familiar with and therefore should not be difficult for you to implement.

1. Hazardous materials

The garage is typically where most homeowners store hazardous waste and materials that are logically unwanted inside of the home. Old paint cans, cleaning supplies, used automotive fluids such as motor oil, as well as gasoline to power your lawn mower – may all be found inside your garage today. Toxic fumes are always a concern when chemicals are stored in or around the house, and it is best to responsibly dispose of these materials as soon as possible, rather than storing them in your garage. Consider moving your lawn mower to a shed that is not attached to your home to keep stored gasoline farther away from your loved ones.

2. Exhaust fans and proper ventilation

Good air circulation and proper ventilation is also a helpful failsafe to ensure your home is not contaminated by hazardous materials that you have stored in your garage. Your vehicle itself produces dangerous exhaust fumes, and while running your engine with the garage door closed is certainly not recommended, with proper ventilation and air circulation – even that brief moment when you ignite your engine and press the button to open your garage door – will not be harmful to your home.

3. Seals and insulation

Insulation is sometimes neglected in the garage, though it is proven to be a crucial way to cut down on heating and energy costs. Garage doors can be manufactured with insulation and while these doors may cost a little more up front, they will continue to save you money year after year to mitigate the extra money you spend on installation. Some garage spaces have windows or additional exterior doors, do not forget to use caulk to seal all garage openings and check for air leaks. Weather stripping should be installed with your garage door, inspected regularly for any problems, and replaced in the event of any damage or wear and tear.

4. Water conservation

Very much a common sense tip, conserving water in the garage can be as easy as collecting rain in barrels on your property for later use washing your car, floors or garage door exterior.

5. Lighting

Many homes today have replaced traditional light bulbs with energy efficient ones such as LED (light emitting diodes). Energy efficient lighting in the garage is a relatively easy green decision to implement. LED bulbs are long-lasting and can withstand the colder temperatures of your garage during winter.

6. Greener garage doors

We offer wood, steel and wood composite garage doors. For the most eco-friendly homes we recommend that you choose a wood composite door. Wood doors are not insulated making them a less friendly option and steel doors can be insulated, making them a greener option than wood. However, it is the wood composite door that offers both savings on heat and energy costs and is also made from recycled wood. New wood is not used to create these models – and the preservation of natural resources through the use of recycled materials is one of the cornerstones of adopting an eco-conscious home.

Cost savings on utilities, increased value to your property and the knowledge that your choices are better for the environment – are the perks of switching to an eco-friendly garage. Selecting eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting products such as a composite wood garage door will help you save on your monthly bills. Green homes demonstrate a typical 30% reduction in utility costs and save money on product replacement by using materials that last the longest and perform best. Regular garage door service will also go a long way in maintainingyour new eco-friendly garage. Routine professional inspections and tune ups will ensure that your garage door continues to operate as intended.

Reducing your impact on the environment is beneficial to the planet and your wallet. Ask an experienced Rissland Garage Doors specialist how we can help with your green garage goals and also save you money. Trust your home to our qualified service technicians by calling our toll free number 1-800-300-DOOR (3667).  Keeping New Jersey beautiful – starts with your garage.