img4Even with the best quality garage doors, eventually you end up needing a change. You might simply want a new look for your home, or your garage door may eventually break beyond repair. When that happens, Rissland Garage Doors & Services can help you figure out which new garage doors in NJwould look the best on your home, and which have the features you want the most. We offer some of the best quality garage doors in New Jersey, all of which have some surprising benefits for your home.

Before deciding on just any old garage door, you should consider how much of the front of your home the door takes up. On average, the garage door takes up about 30% of the front façade of your home. Garage doors also help your home hold its value. In 2013, reports indicated that homeowners get back about 75.7% of what they spend on a $1500 garage door when they go to sell their homes. It is therefore a worthwhile investment, particularly compared with other remodeling options on your home.

Benefits of Different Materials

Generally speaking, you have a few standard materials from which most garage doors in NJare made, and each one has its own benefits. Steel garage doors backed with rigid foam are the most common, and tend to be among the strongest and most durable. They also have an attractive appearance, and can be finished with either a smooth look or a pattern that mimics wood grains. It is also possible to get a good steel garage door that is rust resistant if you find one that has a polyester topcoat with primer that has been baked on. Many steel doors come with limited lifetime protection when it comes to warranties.

Wood garage doors are similarly durable, with a notable benefit being their exceedingly attractive appearance. They require regular painting to keep from fading and to maintain their appearance, though are often worth the additional effort and maintenance for the value they add to your home’s curb appeal. You might also consider a plastic door, which is durable and corrosion-free, and also tend to be among the quietest doors available on the market. Many are also treated to avoid fading in the sun.

What materials have you looked at in your quest for a new garage door? Which ones did you find the most attractive or desirable? We love to hear about our customers’ preferences and what they have found to be the best doors on the market.

Options for Insulation

One of the great benefits you can experience from a new garage door in NJ is energy efficiency.

  • Your home may lose up to 71% less energy through the garage with a new garage door that is energy-efficient.
  • You can keep your garage up to 10 to 20 degrees warmer in the winter with a well-insulated garage door, even if your garage is unheated.

Garage doors come in a few different levels of insulation to consider. A single-layer door tends to be the least effective at insulating. It generally consists of one layer of the material from which the garage door is made. While they offer little in the way of energy efficiency, they are cost-effective to install and still attractive on your home. They also tend to be easier on your garage door springs, making them affordable to maintain, requiring periodic maintenance trips from your chosen garage door professionals for fine-tuning and upkeep.

img5For some added insulation, you might look at a double-layer door. These doors have an interior and exterior skin which surrounds some polystyrene board, which is added for rigidity. These have some decent insulating value and are the entry level for an insulated garage door in NJ.

Individuals who want to keep their garages warmer year-round due to projects and workshops might want to consider a premium garage door with maximum insulation. These doors tend to be thicker, with much more polyurethane or polystyrene inside the outer layers of material, giving them exceptional rigidity and insulation capabilities. Well-insulated doors are still fairly lightweight, and have the added benefit of having less potential for sagging over time.

If you want a premium garage door in NJ, look for one that is all of 2 inches thick. For steel doors, you want something clad in no less than 24-gauge steel – note that with steel gauges, the higher the number, the thinner the door.

Another aspect that will help in your decision-making process regarding insulation and energy efficiency is weatherstripping. Seek out a garage door with vinyl along the bottom that runs the full width of the door. This vinyl is flexible and will conform with the floor when the door is lowered, giving an added benefit of reduced airflow underneath the door.


A new garage door in NJ tends to be safer than its older counterparts. For example, they often come with shaped edges in between each door section, which work to keep fingers out of the joints as the door closes. These are a good choice for families who have children. If your garage door is very old, you may also need to install a door that conforms with the 1993 federal laws that reverse automatic garage door openers in the event of an obstruction. This was put into place to prevent incidents where children and pets would become crushed underneath lowering garage doors.

All new garage doors have exceptional benefits over the older doors on the marketplace. Whether you opt to try to repair your old door or want a new one, Rissland Garage Doors & Services can help. We can provide you with an honest evaluation of your existing door, and repair it if possible, or replace your old door and help you maintain it year after year with regular maintenance and upkeep. This helps keep your garage door looking and functioning like new, so you can keep enjoying the benefits of your new door for years to come.