Belt Drive Opener


Lift-master 8550 Elite Series DC Battery Backup Belt Drive

  • Get in your garage every time, even when the power is out. This revolutionary DC belt drive offers quiet operation and comes fully equipped with MyQ enabled technology and the Timer-to-Close feature.

Elite Series 8557 Opener

  • The new Elite-Series 8557 HP AC Belt Drive gives you powerful, yet quiet performance. It is designed specifically for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind  areas.

Elite Series 8550 Opener

  • Get the ultimate blend of power and quiet in an opener model. Our E-Series 8550 openers can lift even the heaviest doors effortlessly and with precision.


Premium Series 8360 Opener

  • Smooth-running reliability is what our enhanced 8360 belt drive opener delivers – and it’s quiet enough not to wake your guests in the bedroom above the garage.

Premium Series 8355 Opener8355

  • The new LiftMaster 8355 belt drive opener with built-in MyQ technology enables you to open, close, and monitor your garage by using a Smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time, from anywhereYou have living space bordering your garage. If you have any living space above or next to your home, you do not want to have a noisy one. or repair, you may find it more convenient to upgrade to a belt driven opener.