garage-door-repair-njLeaving a broken down garage door unattended is definitely not worth the risk to your personal safety. However, with a good maintenance routine you can help to prevent unexpected garage door repairs. While some damages cannot always be prevented, reducing the chances of mechanical malfunction through maintenance – such as replacing/adjusting springs and worn out parts or adapting to seasonal changes – can be part of your safety routine.  Physical damage is sometimes caused by extreme weather, vandalism and accidental impact with vehicles – in these cases, garage door repairs should happen as quickly as possible.

For your own safety, all repair work conducted on your garage door should be completed by an experienced garage door repair professional.  Rissland Garage Doors is a leading service and installation provider for New Jersey residents – keeping homeowners safe with routine maintenance and tune ups, as well as speedy repair work. Our motto is “Our service doesn’t cost, it pays.” Routine maintenance helps to prevent your garage door from breaking down and should save you money by reducing service calls for repairs in the future. Garage door maintenance can often prevent accidents and malfunctions before they happen. Unexpected garage door repairs can be prepared for by having a trusted professional on speed dial to call in the event of an emergency.

Many common household routines are actually intended to be preventative measures to keep everything in our homes operating smoothly. Cleaning the oven, emptying the lint trap, and checking our smoke detectors are all fire prevention tactics. Garage door maintenance is preventative too – by ensuring your garage door is operating properly you may be preventing a security breach, an accident, or mechanical malfunction. In 2011 an estimated 132,419,000 housing units were counted in the United States of which 57.5 percent were homes occupied by the owners of the property. More than half occupied by owners and 79 percent of them with a garage or car port. Often homeowners prefer to use the garage for storing vehicles and with 27 percent of the owners residing US homes having three or more vehicles – the garage becomes a much needed place to park. With multiple vehicles depending on the continued function of your garage door opener – any mechanical failure prohibiting access to your garage can be a really big inconvenience.

New Jersey homeowners have the benefit of our unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and correcting all problems encountered during the regular operation of automatic garage door openers. Your garage door opener may contain up to 300 moving parts. With approximately 40 years of garage door repairs completed to satisfaction, our repair technicians can have a broken garage functioning again very quickly. Preventing breakdowns is a big part of what we offer at Rissland, our installation, repair, replacement, 25 point safety check and tune up services pay for themselves by keeping your family safe and secure. To maximize on the benefits of your relationship with us, we recommend keeping us involved in your ongoing maintenance and inspection routine. Here are our suggested garage door maintenance tips, recommended to help you avoid a breakdown:

1. Never leave your door partially open or closed. Garage doors are heavy – with hundreds of moving parts contained in your system working very hard every time you open or close your door. Your springs for example, are either turning or expanding and contracting every time you engage your opener. If you leave your door partially open you are suspending all of these working parts in mid cycle. Imagine yourself carrying a heavy piece of furniture up a set of stairs and being told to stop halfway and hold the heavy item indefinitely. Suspended in the middle, you would become more easily fatigued than by simply moving the furniture from the bottom to the top and completing the task. Your garage door opener is no different.

garage-door-repair-nj-white2. Create a schedule for routine safety checks and call a professional often. Garage door repair technicians are in the best position to recognize a potential issue before it worsens and we can recommend options to help you improve your system such as adjusting for seasonal conditions with the right lubrication tactics, replacement of damaged weather stripping, changing of worn out springs or even replacement of a door that has been damaged beyond repair. With inspections and safety checks, we have been keeping New Jersey safer for approximately four decades.

3. Listen to your garage door opener and recognize when the operation of your garage door sounds different. Any noticeable change is worth investigating to protect yourself and your loved ones. Familiarize yourself with the sounds of your garage door opening and closing and call a technician if something does not sound right.

4. Perform regular visual inspections of your garage door. Use your own eyes to watch out for potentially dangerous problems. A quick visual inspection of your door and opener can tell you if something looks different. If something has changed, do not hesitate to call a professional and resist the urge to try and fix the problem by yourself.

5. Always call in a professional when you suspect something has changed or that something may be wrong. Breakdown prevention is a partnership between the homeowner and service professional. Routine maintenance is a great way to prevent interruptions to your garage door operation, but between service calls we rely on you to trust your instincts when something does not seem right.

A significant portion of the American public utilizes the garage as the main entrance and exit to the home:

–       The garage is used as the primary entrance to the house by an estimated 71 percent of American families.

Even with heavy use, garage door repairs do not have to be a frequent occurrence! An experienced specialist can save you a lot of money in service calls and spare you the inconvenience of multiple breakdowns. Trust your home to our qualified service technicians. To begin a routine maintenance plan and schedule a garage door tune up with a Rissland Garage Doors professional in New Jersey, please call our toll free number 1-800-300-DOOR (3667).