garage-door-njCurb appeal is often more than just an exercise in selecting colors, materials and finishing details that you like for the exterior of your home. An attractive and functional design requires a little research into available options as well as taking inventory of your personal needs. A good design will be beautiful while still providing practical solutions to problems you may face due to things like location and climate.

A garage door can take up a lot of real estate on the front of your house, making it a focal point to consider during a new home build or renovation project. New Jersey experiences icy cold North American winters and balmy summers, and the contrast of these elements can be tough on the exterior features of your home. Rissland Co. has more than four decades of experience battling the elements and helping customers select the right products to please the eye and withstand extreme fluctuations in outdoor conditions.

Selecting a new garage door and opening system may be challenging for some homeowners. Our experts can help to ease the process by suggesting the materials that will be most appropriate for your home Northern New Jersey home. We will seek to understand your preferences and review your needs, suggesting appropriate materials to save you money long term, by installing a product with anticipated longevity – appropriate for a summer and winter in New Jersey.

–        At least82 million American homes have a garage.

–       A significant portion of average homes allocate approximately 45% of square footage to the garage space.

–       An estimated 20% of all garages built today are large enough to park at least 3 cars.

For larger garages, more than one door may be required – depending on how the entrance to the garage has been designed. Many customizable options exist for details such as color and design features, regardless of the building material used. We offer three excellent options for the material used to manufacture your garage door; Wood, Wood Composite, and Steel.


One of the many advantages of a beautiful wooden door is the ease of customizability. The style, color, and type of wood are easily customized to your design specifications. Re-framing and construction are also easily customized with this option. Wooden doors do come with a big caveat though – these garage doors are not insulated, they are prone to rotting and damage from weather conditions. You will also find that upkeep is more intensive with this type of door and exterior maintenance will be required to keep your door looking great in addition to extending its lifetime.

Wood Composite

Conversely, wood composite doors are insulated and also remain highly customizable. An eco-friendly option, made from recycled materials and able to save you money on your energy bill; these doors mimic the look of real wood while presenting additional benefits. Exterior maintenance is less of a hassle with wood composite due to their superior durability. Withstanding rotting is a feature, however, internal maintenance (safety checks and proper lubrication of moving parts) is essential to maintaining proper garage door function (although this is recommended for all garage doors regardless). During the winter in New Jersey a wood composite door will endure snow and ice just like steel. Cost is a factor, as wood composite doors are more expensive than wooden or steel doors.


Providing some of the most practical benefits – a steel door can save your money and your time. Steel garage door options are plentiful; with hundreds of available styles, colors, and decorative touches such as handles and hinges. Steel doors arrive pre-painted in the color of your choice, and you will not have to re-paint them later on as you would with a wooden door. Life-time warranties on your door’s finish are offered by many brands. To keep your door looking fresh and clean a thorough annual washing will often do the trick. Depending upon your needs, models can be found in various gauges and strengths to satisfy any concerns you may have with regard to durability. Weather resistance is a top feature as steel is a very strong and long-lasting building material. Similar to wood composite options, energy efficiency can be considered a benefit to owning a steel garage door. Many steel door models offer the option to insulate them, helping to mitigate the costs associated with heating and cooling your home. Affordability is a perk, as cost is lowest with steel doors – given the ease of production, manufacturers are able to sell these doors at a lower price point – saving you money.

garage-door-nj-redWhether the initial cost, long-term savings, or aesthetic appeal are most important to your personal decision-making process, we know that we can help you choose the best option for your home. Experts say, that over the past few decades, the majority of American homes have been built with a garage, so what may have once been a unique selling feature, has now become commonplace.  Essentially the “boom” in attached home garage construction has made your garage doors one of thefirst things people will notice about your home – causing the selection of a new door to become a very important part of any exterior home renovation project.

–       A regular-sized garage has been proven to have an approximate 13 percent impact on resale home values.

–       A home valued at an average price of $210,000 can therefore attribute approximately $27,300 of its total value to the garage space.

Consequently, garage doors are a worthy investment that can have a big impact on the overall value of your home. Choosing building materials wisely for your home is essential – when in doubt, always ask for a professional opinion. Rissland Co. has an established reputation spanning many decades and are known for our quality service and advice. We have experience helping New Jersey homeowners select the most appropriate garage door materials for their needs, resulting in beautiful and functional homes. Please call our toll free number 1-800-300-DOOR (3667) and ask us to help you select a beautiful garage door that will increase the appeal of your home.