Many homeowners never think much about their garage doors, unless there is a problem. However, garage doors are complicated mechanical moving parts, which feature springs under high tension to operate. In addition, many modern garage openers are electric-powered. When a garage suddenly stops functioning, they can get stuck and trap your vehicle inside. Broken doors can create serious hazards to your property or your loved ones. Homeowners should treat garage issues as a major home emergency and never take on problem diagnostics or repairs themselves.

The best way to prevent sudden, disruptive malfunctions is to have your door inspected on a regular basis. Homeowners in northern New Jersey can turn to Rissland Co. for a no-cost inspection. We offer this valuable service to our customer free of charge, because we want to keep your family safe and prevent unavoidable damage to your home.

When you contact Rissland Co. for an inspection, we send one of our skilled technicians to your home as soon as we can. Our experts know all about garage doors and garage openers and can spot problem areas that require attention. We follow a 25-point safety checklist to make sure we examine your door completely and provide you accurate, immediate feedback.  Parts and labor not included.

25 Point Safety Checklist

Garage Door Opener PASS FAIL
Control Panel / Remotes / Keyless Entry
Boom / Trolley
Safety Eyes
Motor / Gear
Safety Reverse / Limit Switch
Garage Door PASS FAIL
Door Balance
Safety Cables
Center Bearing
End Bearing Plate
Hinge Arms
Strut / Truss Rod
Spring Anchor
Bottom Weather Seal
Panel Condition

After our garage door inspection, we can provide your prompt input on any areas needing attention. Many of the moving parts or the electrical components of your opener do degrade over time. Often, routine maintenance can prevent the stress and expense of major garage door repairs. At Rissland Co, we can handle necessary garage door service—from minor hardware upgrades, to garage opener repairs, to complete door replacements. Our 40+ years of exclusive focus in garage door makes us the #1 choice for northern New Jersey homeowners who need garage door service.

If you have garage door, you need a regular inspection to make sure it stays in perfect working order. It is far better to address any issues, even minor ones, proactively to prevent a sudden, dangerous breakdown of your garage. In addition these are highly-specialized mechanisms and truly need expert inspection and repair.

Don’t ignore the largest moving part in your home. You would never skimp on getting your vehicle inspected or put off safety repairs, which is why we offer our deal of the month specials. Contact Rissland Co for a free safety inspection today and protect your property and family from any risk of harm due to garage door malfunction.

25 point safety inspection