image5Garage door springs are an essential part of your overall garage door setup. They are the mechanism by which the garage door is raised and lowered; a problem with the springs can mean a completely non-functional garage door.

The springs in a garage door are the workhorse of the system, so it is little wonder when these parts eventually wear out. Garage door spring replacement is a common repair among homeowners.

  • Most garage door springs are designed for up to 10,000 cycles. How often you will replace the springs therefore depends on how much you use your garage door.
  • Repairing garage door springs generally costs less than $300 from a reputable contractor; if you get a bill for more, the contractor should be able to provide you with a solid explanation of the work being performed and any problems found during the diagnostic process to explain the additional cost.

Many people opt to try to do garage door spring replacement on their own. This is often not a good idea; while this repair is common, it is also complex and can involve the use of special equipment. This equipment is necessary in order to avoid serious injuries due to the hazardous nature of working with springs that are kept under a significant amount of tension.

When the spring on a garage door breaks, lifting the door often becomes close to impossible for just one person. The spring bears a significant portion of the weight of the door, and is responsible for balancing the door so it can be raised, even when the garage door opener is no longer functional. It is therefore essential to repair a spring as soon as possible after it breaks.

Types of Springs

Garage doors tend to use two types of springs. There are extension springs, which are placed on each side of the door above the tracks. There are also torsion springs, which are placed above the opening to the garage door. Torsion springs tend to be much more difficult to replace compared to extension springs.

When to Call an Expert

Injuries sustained during garage door spring replacement projects are exceedingly common. Only well-trained do-it-yourselfers should really attempt such a repair without assistance from an expert.

  • More than 13,000 accidents involving garage doors occur each year.
  • Do-it-yourself installations and repairs are the third most common cause of garage door-related injuries, with pinching injuries and falling doors being first and second.

Aside from the risks to your health and well-being, there are other reasons to consider calling a garage door specialist.

  • The right equipment. A trained specialist will have the correct equipment on hand to perform a safe garage door spring replacement.
  • The right parts. Many homeowners actually are unable to identify the right springs for their particular garage door due to lack of knowledge and experience. Springs often look alike, but have different tensions and other factors that can make picking the right one fairly tricky. A skilled technician will be able to identify the correct springs needed for your door.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Having a technician perform the repair the right way the first time around actually ends up saving you time and money, and helps you avoid further damage that could be even more expensive to repair.
  • Ability to replace all of the springs at once. In doors with multiple springs, it is a good idea to replace them all at the same time. Springs are all installed at the same time as a set, and leaving an old spring in place along with a new one is another repair just waiting to happen. Doing all of the replacements at once saves you inconvenience and prevents you from having to pay for a second and predictable service call.

Have you ever undertaken a repair that you realized later should have been left to an expert? What kind of repair was it and who did you end up calling?

What to Expect

Aside from cost, you should also be aware of what to expect and what to look for when your repairman arrives. A good garage door spring replacement specialist tends to carry several types of standard springs, and many people avoid long delays due to keeping them in stock.

image6Removing the springs is the most taxing and time-consuming part of the job. This is because the spring removal can be the most dangerous aspect in order to avoid the springs recoiling and causing injury. Generally, the removal will take an hour or more, while installing new springs tends to take only a few minutes. For many seasoned do-it-yourselfers, this type of project can turn into an all-day event, making repair by a pro even more attractive. In addition, note that New Jersey is subject to all different types of weather conditions, which can make this repair highly uncomfortable, either due to freezing weather conditions or excessive heat.

Note that costs will tend to vary depending on your area in New Jersey and your specific situation. Your garage door may need additional service in order to function properly, particularly if more damage occurred as a result of the springs failing. Some spring replacements are also much more difficult than others, depending on how old the springs are, what kind are being used, and any other surrounding issues.

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