Garage Door Tune Up

An annual garage door tune up will help ensure reliable, quiet operation and safetyYou know that your car requires regular maintenance to work effectively. The same is true for your garage door. A garage door is one of the heaviest pieces of mechanical equipment and may have more than 300 moving parts. A minor malfunction in any garage door component can be a huge problem. Why wait until a garage door malfunction results in a major home emergency? Regular garage door tune-ups can present the expense and hazard of a broken garage door.

At Rissland Garage Door, we have focused exclusively in the garage door business for over four decades. We have an expert team with specific training in all aspects of garage door parts and repair for every type of garage door available. We service any brand or style of garage doors, including one-car and two-car garage doors—and many more. Because garage doors feature strings that are wound to very tight tolerances, you should always leave garage door repair or maintenance to the experts. A minor mistake with any part of a garage door can result in injury or damage to your home.

Our garage door tune up is a general diagnostic service. We inspect door sections, tracks, hinges, rollers, weather seals, and more. In addition, we tighten bolts and screws and lubricate hinges, rollers, and springs. If necessary, we adjust spring tension to rebalance your door.

We also take a close look at your automatic garage door openers. We adjust safety settings, lubricate its sprocket and chain, and align electric eyes, if appropriate. In addition, we check the down force pressure of your garage door opener.
At times, our tune-up may reveal parts that are in need of prompt service. When this occurs, we will advise you right away of any needed repairs. If repair parts or service is required, there is an additional charge over and above the cost of the garage door tune-up.

At Rissland Garage Door, we want are committed to providing the best quality service. We are licensed by the state of New Jersey and hold certification from the Better Business Bureau. We back up all of our work with a workmanship guarantee. Taking care of a home can be expensive—and we want you to know that you are receiving the best-quality garage door service from Rissland Garage Door.

If you need a complete new garage door or a garage door overhaul, check out our “deal of the month” specials and our discounts for AAA members. We believe in serving our customer by offering regular discounts to help keep your home repair and upgrade expenses in check. Our 40+ years of experience has taught us that performing regular maintenance on your garage door is the best way to avoid the major expense and hassle of emergency garage door repair.

Contact Rissland Garage Door for a garage door tune-up today. We pledge to provide you the best quality of service and careful attention to your unique garage door needs. Find out why homeowners throughout northern New Jersey have made Rissland Garage Door the premier resource for garage door parts, repair, and service.

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