image7New Jersey is a state with widely fluctuating weather. With months of searing heat and seasons of freezing cold, residents who live here experience the full range of temperatures each year.

  • The temperature in New Jersey has fluctuated as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime, down to -16 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.
  • On average, July experiences significant rainfall, with nearly 5 inches of rain falling in that month each year, out of a total of nearly 47 inches total per year.

With unpredictable weather can come rough conditions that can take a toll on your car, as well as your own wellbeing. That is why many people opt to install garage door openers in order to minimize their exposure to these extreme fluctuations in temperature and conditions.

Convenience and Safety

The convenience of these little devices cannot be overemphasized. Without them, homeowners with garages must go through a time-consuming drill each time they leave or come home, involving getting in and out of the car multiple times and manually lifting or lowering the garage door by hand.

Not only is this inconvenient, requiring you to spend several minutes shuffling around, it can also be hazardous. Even a well-balanced garage door can be heavy and take some amount of effort to raise or lower safely, which can be difficult for people as they get older, or who might become injured.

Manual doors also do not have safety features in place like doors with garage door openers do.

  • Any garage door opener sold from 1993 onward comes with a safety mechanism that must be installed which stops the garage door in the event something gets in the door’s path on the way down, keeping children, pets, cars, and belongings from getting crushed.

This type of feature is not available for manual doors, and you must simply rely on your own powers of observation to avoid hitting anything with the door on the way down.

With a garage door opener, you can also avoid unsafe conditions and discomfort caused by the weather, reducing your time outdoors in extreme temperatures and also keeping you from having to step out onto an icy driveway or to stand in the rain.


image8Another key aspect of garage door openers is the increased security given to your home. A manual door must be locked and unlocked, which can get tedious, and can also be forgotten. If you have a garage door opener, it is easy to simply click the button and be on your way, and the door will remain shut behind you.

You can also keep your belongings safe by having a keypad installed outside for when you forget your opener. This gives you a convenient way to access your garage while still keeping it secure. It can also be highly useful if you forget to check the batteries on your opener and find yourself stuck outside on a given day.


In addition to the convenience of avoiding multiple trips in and out of your car in order to leave, garage door openers can also be a much faster way to access your garage. If you constantly find yourself hurrying and do not want to wait, ask your installation specialist for a recommendation.

  • Garage door opener speeds can vary from 7 inches per second to 14 inches per second, which can really help people who are always on the go.

Do you constantly find yourself in a hurry when you are trying to leave for work? What kind of difference do you think a higher-speed garage door might make on your stress levels each day?

Special Settings

If you are headed on vacation, your garage door opener can also provide you with added peace of mind if you take advantage of the “vacation” setting. This mode lets you disable the remotes, ensuring that the opener can only be operated via the control panels. This prevents the use of a fake remote, keeping your belongings even more secure while you are away.

Energy Efficiency

A common objection is that people do not want to spend the money to operate their garage door openers due to the extra energy these devices might use. The fact is, electric openers are one of the more energy-efficient luxuries you can have within your home. They typically operate for about 15 seconds per usage, and use very minimal energy when idle. Due to the small energy consumption compared to the great savings you experience in terms of time, hassle, and speed, this device is well worth the cost.

Selecting a Garage Door Opener

If you have decided to avail yourself of all the benefits that garage door openers have to offer, Rissland Garage Doors & Services can help. We are a full service garage maintenance and repair company, and we can install all types of garage door openers available.

You may be interested in an opener that operates quietly, or you may need an opener that lifts a heavier door than average. If you share a living space or simply want the quietest option available, we can recommend a good belt-drive system that will have your garage door operating quietly and efficiently.

A more cost-effective option is also available, and chain-drive systems are some of the most common garage door opener available. The downside to a chain-drive system is that they tend to be much louder to operate, but they can still deliver all of the convenience of a garage door opener to your home.

If you have questions about these devices, give us a call and we can help. We are available in locations throughout New Jersey, no matter the weather conditions, and can help you select the right opener for your home from the range of products we have available. We also offer full-service installations and repairs at an affordable price, and can come in regularly to inspect your opener to ensure it remains in good working order after we install it.