garage-door-nj-treeAll too often, winter is a veritable tour-de-force of disastrous weather compliments of Mother Nature. With ice, snow, wind and sub-zero temperatures threatening damage and destruction to anything in its path – your home unfortunately, is a target for the wrath of Jack Frost. While a New Jersey winter is nowhere near the hazard that homeowners experience in notoriously frigid parts of the planet such as Siberia and the Canadian Northwest Territories, preventative measures should still be taken to avoid the most common cold weather garage door problems.

The exterior of your home takes the brunt of winter weather so that you can remain safe and warm inside. Your roof, driveway and windows likely already receive extra attention as the winter months approach, but what about your garage door? A professional well versed in the problems that homeowners face during the cold winter months – is the best person to consult to select the right garage door, and for all of your year-round garage door needs thereafter. At Rissland Garage Doors we have battled winter elements to guide homeowners in preventative winter maintenance for approximately 40 years, protecting your home from ice, snow and wind.

The number of American homes with a garage continues to experience an upswing. Your garage door is not only a feature of your exterior that can attract or detract from its overall appeal, it is a functional room that can be used for almost any purpose with the necessary renovations.

–       Prior to the 1970’s approximately 60% of all homes had a garage.

–       As of 2004 garages had become a standard for approximately 80% of American homes.

During winter months you may find that parking and storing your vehicle inside your garage is a must to spare you from exposure to the cold, and if so, your number one priority will be to ensure that your garage door is functioning properly and continues to do so for the duration of the season. For homeowners interested in utilizing the garage space for other purposes, insulation may be a top priority. Regardless of intended use, a review of how your garage is performing with regard to your overall consumption of energy and heat can be instrumental in reducing the cost of your monthly winter utility bills.

Some of the most common winter garage door problems can easily be prevented, here is a list of the most prevalent issues homeowners face and how to prevent or solve them:

Metal Parts Contract

Cold weather can cause metal parts to contract and your garage doors rely on the cohesion of many moving parts like springs and screws to open your door effectively. If any of the metal parts that operate your garage door seize up, your door could malfunction. Unfortunately there is no way to completely avoid this problem but there are ways that you can reduce the frequency and severity when temperatures drop really low. Should you experience any issues with frozen parts do not attempt to repair or replace them on your own, be safe and contact a professional.

Failed Weather Stripping

On occasion, winter can surprise us with fluctuating temperatures and sometimes can even include rain instead of snow. Water can become a problem if it pools near your garage door and subsequently freezes. Weather stripping is one of the weapons in your arsenal that is supposed to help battle the elements, but if it becomes trapped in newly formed ice it may stick to the ground and be pulled off of your door upon opening. To solve this problem try to keep the ground at the entrance of your garage free of pooling water and puddles that may freeze later; and inspect your weather stripping regularly to ensure that you are maximizing on the benefits of your insulation.

Broken Springs

Springs balance and bear the weight of your garage door and unfortunately winter places an added stress on these integral garage door parts. Often when a spring breaks it is during winter – never attempt to repair or replace a spring by yourself – call a professional for your safety.

Warped Tracks

Similar to broken springs, track replacement and repair is best left to a garage door service professional. Extreme weather can cause damage to tracks causing misalignment. Be sure to have any track issues repaired as soon as possible to keep your garage door in working order.

Lubrication Problems

Your garage door opening system requires lubrication for its many moving parts. Cold weather can harden or thicken the grease that is used to ensure proper function of rollers and tracks. Too much grease can be problematic year round but becomes a bigger problem when paired with colder temperatures. Old hardened grease must be removed and replaced with new lubrication – a garage door service professional is your best option for making sure that the appropriate amount (and the right type) of lubrication is used.

Call a professional

iceWith nearly three quarters of homeowners (an estimated 74%) utilizing the garage space for vehicle storage, keeping garage doors working during the winter is a big job for service professionals. Winter may be a busy season for our technicians, but it is also a busy time for hospital emergency rooms with an increased number of injuries resulting from do-it-yourself attempts. Winter is challenging enough, and with all of the other household preventative measures you will surely undertake this season, shoveling walkways and preventing slips and falls due to ice – why not leave your garage door maintenance to the professionals who have made it their sole job to ensure the safety of your family.

A Rissland expertarrives at your home with an established reputation of providing quality service and advice to homeowners about their garage doors. We know how to keep old man winter out of your garage and outside where he belongs. Don’t allow a New Jersey winter to leave you or your vehicle out in the cold! Please call our toll free number 1-800-300-DOOR (3667) to book a consultation and prepare your garage for winter before the first snowfall arrives.