Don’t take your home’s security for granted. And a secure garage door is an important piece of your home’s security.

There are a number of ways that you can safeguard your home’s garage door to protect against burglars. Here are four tips to help you make sure your garage door is safe, secure, and working properly. And it’ll help prevent your garage door from becoming a burglar’s way into your home.

Four Tips To A Secure Garage Door

1. Secure the emergency release
There is an emergency release lever on a roll-up garage door. It’s meant for emergencies. But experienced thieves can open your door with a simple coat hanger. You can purchase any emergency release lock It’s possible to secure this emergency release with a zip tie while the emergency release remains functional.

2. Vacation-proof your doors:
Vacation should be relaxing. Don’t worry about criminals getting in your home through your garage while you’re gone. Simply unplug your automatic garage door until you return. Or you could install exterior motion sensor lights and/or timers above your garage door. Let your neighbors know you’re away. Ask a trusted friend or relative to collect mail (or newspapers) while you’re gone so it doesn’t pile up.

3. Make sure your garage door is as sturdy as your front door:
Is your garage door made from sturdy materials? Purchase a garage door made of sold-core wood or with steel reinforcements. It can mean the difference between a secure garage and a thief kicking a whole in your garage door while you’re relaxing at the beach.

4. Don’t neglect garage door’s maintenance:
Finally, Don’t neglect maintenance. Routine maintenance is the easiest thing you can control. Minor issues that arise from wear and tear can be fixed without replacing your door. Don’t neglect these small problems. If left unchecked, they can turn into much larger problems. Thieves can easily breach a broken garage door.

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