img5For most people, their home is their largest investment. As a result, homeowners should get to know local services to provide repairs when the need arises or perform upgrades that enhance a home’s value. In Livingston, New Jersey (NJ) and surrounding areas, homeowners can choose service from the experienced team of professionals at Rissland Garage Door.

Rissland is proud to bring our decades of focused expertise in garage doors to Livingston, NJ. We have earned a reputation as one of the top providers of garage door service, repairs, and parts in northern NJ. We are a licensed NJ contractor and fully insured. When you call Rissland Garage Door, you can trust that you are receiving top-quality service from skilled technicians with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

At Rissland Garage Door, we know that many homeowners want to keep their home in the best condition possible, but often experience challenges identifying the best quality service professionals. In fact, industry research reveals that approximately 40 percent of homeowners say it is difficult to find a quality repair service and one in five put off making necessary repairs around the home.

The best way to ensure quality service is to do your homework before an emergency happens. Before homeowners need repairs for their garage doors in Livingston, NJ, they should consider a few essential questions:

  • What sources can I turn to find home repair and service professionals?
  • What should I expect when a garage door technician visits my Livingston, NJ home?

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How to Find a Quality Home Repair Professional

If you own a home, taking time out to get to know the local home repair marketplace can be a good time investment. While an online search can yield a list of names, you need to take extra steps to evaluate the reputation and background of any firm. Here are four ways to get input on home repair professionals :

  • Ask friends, family, or neighbors – One of the best ways to find out more about any home service company is to seek advice from those you trust. Typically, friends and family are a great source for honest opinions on any in-home service they may have received. Since nearby homes were likely built at the same time, your neighbors can let you know any home-related issues they have encountered, along with advice on quality local repair professionals.
  • Use social media – Many people on social media love to share their opinions. Whether you make a post on Facebook or type a quick tweet on Twitter, you can solicit input on home repair companies and often receive a broad array of results.
  • Consult with your realtor – Realtors have a good grasp of the local real estate marketplace and may have an established network of repair professionals. If not, many realtors are very service-oriented, so may take the extra step of seeking advice from colleagues to get you the information you need.
  • Read online reviews – Websites are a great resource for customer reviews. You can get localized feedback on just about everything imaginable—including garage doors in Livingston, NJ—with just a few clicks.

By following these easy steps, you can find the best professionals with in-depth experience in garage doors in Livingston, NJ.
What to Expect on a Garage Door Service Call

In an article published in a major garage door trade magazine, International Door & Operator Industry, an industry expert gives advice on what homeowners can expect when a garage technician makes a service call. Here are three essential things a garage door service professional may bring to most site visits:

  • A listing of products and prices – A garage door service professional should have a thorough list of essential garage door and motor parts along with detailed pricing. That way, he or she can provide on-the-spot price estimates and assure homeowners that they are receiving standard prices for required repair components.
  • Sales literature for products – A garage door technician should also have a ready stock of sales literature to help customer understand the products, which they might be purchasing. This literature can be especially valuable to customers who are considering upgrading garage door parts or purchasing a brand new door.
  • A supply of common parts – Quality garage door companies feature well-stocked vans with a inventory of typical repair components. This lets technicians attend to problems right away. In addition, arriving with a stock of parts helps avoid the expense and time that special orders can take.

Garage door repair professionals should provide customers with a full report on the garage issue, along with options and recommendations. In addition, a well-trained garage door service professional in Livingston, NJ should aim to address both the presenting problem along with potential underlying issues.


For example, one spring that breaks will require immediate repair. However, the garage door technician may determine that replacing all the springs can promote better long-term garage door performance. In those instances, the garage door technician should clearly present the costs and benefits of replacing all the springs to help the customer make a sound decision. This lets customers choose the right approach for repairing and maintaining their garage doors in Livingston, NJ.

Select the Best of the Best

When homeowners in northern NJ need garage door service or repair, they should seek out the best of the best. Many local residents agree that Rissland Garage Door has earned that prestigious distinction.

We take pride in providing prompt, professional service for garage door repairs, along with in-depth expertise on garage door upgrades and new models.

If you have experience working with garage door professionals, our reader community can benefit from your input:

  • How did you choose a garage door service firm for your project?
  • What resources did you turn to when seeking information about a garage door repair or home improvement firm?

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