service1Working towards the restoration of an orderly and tidy garage is often a task undertaken during the spring months. While spring cleaning traditions are a great motivator to get you in the mood to fix up your garage, any re-organization of this important space in your home can be implemented year round. All modern household conveniences with moving parts (such as garage door openers) require a little tune-up from time to time so part of your spring cleaning routine may also include the help of a qualified New Jersey garage door service professional. Just like with your automobile, routine maintenance throughout the lifetime of your garage door opener will preserve its longevity and reduce the chance for mechanical failure; and since your vehicle requires a mechanic you can trust, so should your garage door opener require a technician you can trust.

Fortunately, New Jersey residents can turn to a Rissland Garage Door expert for tune-ups, inspections, and any necessary part replacements. Our specialized team will be able to spot a potential issue and suggest the best way to correct it. Keeping your garage in order and functioning properly will reduce stress when you are searching for that missing baseball glove, pair of ice skates, or socket wrench, and will ensure that there is less of a chance of an untimely mishap due to a worn out part or undetected repair to be made.  Functionality and organization work together to make your garage an area that works best for your busy lifestyle.

–       According to a recent homeowner survey, 1 in 4 American homeowners say that their garage cannot even fit a single vehicle due to lack of organization.

–       92 percent of homeowners who participated in the survey also claimed to have a home that is “somewhat or very” organized, however, one fourth claimed the garage to be a mess and a source of embarrassment.

–       While 27% of people utilize the garage space for their hobbies, 23% like to use the space to work on cars, 19% work on projects that include woodworking and carpentry and 13% reserve the space for exercise and/or sports.

Of course, in addition to all of the many ways people choose to utilize their garage for practical reasons, storing the car is among them and in order to fit a car into your space, de-cluttering the area may be required. When surveyed, the majority of homeowners admitted that they wish their garage could be better organized, 74% of survey respondents agree that de-cluttering would improve the functionality of the space. With so many people admitting they could do much better to tidy up the garage and utilize this room for more than just haphazard storage – it is no surprise that there are an abundance of great storage solutions and tips for organization available.

Unfortunately, opening the garage door is a luxury for some busy homeowners. For homeowners lacking time to rearrange the garage space and purge old items that are no longer needed, or with no access to a reputable garage door service technician who can fix garage door openers that have fallen into disrepair; the garage door remains closed.

–       30% of homeowners with a garage keep the garage door closed to hide clutter

–       34% do not even know what is inside of their garage

On a positive note, if you are able to find the time or hire a professional to help you, cleaning out your garage can make a big impact on your day-to-day life and in essence, save you time and money.  Here are five spring cleaning tips to keep your garage organized and your garage door functioning properly.

1. Garage Door Service And Routine Maintenance

Opening the garage door literally begins with service and maintenance. Regardless of time constraints, this is the step to a great garage that you will need help with. Contacting a professional service provider who can visit your New Jersey home and assess your garage door service needs, will ensure that your door opens properly and lasts for a much longer time.

2. A Good Plan Is Essential

Working with a professional organizer may be a good solution for homeowners who cannot find the time to plan a functional garage space. For those who can spare the time for this project, it is a good idea to begin by considering what you would like to use the space for. Will this be an area to store your families sporting equipment or perhaps a place to exercise, maybe your goal is to set up a workshop? If your garage is going to be used for multiple purposes it may be a good idea to set up “zones” and section the space accordingly.

3.  De-clutter And Waste Removal

The garage can sometimes become the one place in the house where it is ok to store broken, discarded, or no-longer-needed items. Some homeowners also store rubbish in the garage until garbage collection day. For the former, spring cleaning is all about purging unused items, repurposing, recycling, or simply throwing them away. A good way to de-clutter your garage is to consider which items you no longer need or use and rid yourself of these space-wasters. Always be sure to dispose of hazardous waste in the proper way – contact your municipality if you are not sure how to dispose of harmful chemicals, used batteries, or automotive fluids such as used motor oil.

4.  Organize To Maximize

Even the smallest of garage spaces can be maximized by good organization. Taking advantage of wall space can greatly improve the area. Organizing to create more room will encourage you to use your garage in ways you may not have been able to before.

5. Make Room For Your Car

One of the first things many homeowners remove from a garage that is slowly accumulating too much clutter, is the car. Yet, up to 74% of homeowners in the US believe that the primary use of the garage should be for storing an automobile. With a well-tuned garage door opener and ample room to park, your car can reclaim its rightful place in the garage.

Implementing these 5 tips for a clutter-free garage will ensure that you get the most out of this important part of your home. Some experts even estimate that up to 40% of housework can be eliminated through good organizational habits. At Rissland Garage Doors, we are committed to helping New Jersey homeowners keep garage doors operating smoothly. For more information about our services, please contact one of our qualified professionals at 1-800-300-DOOR (3667).  We look forward to helping you achieve an organized and functional garage.