doorLook around your home and you will probably notice that your garage door is your largest moving convenience, aside from the vehicle that you park inside of it. closing each day, will eventually lead to garage door repairs. While “do it yourself” is the mantra of many homeowners today, and with the advent of home improvement television as well as big box stores that advertise products you should be able to install by yourself; there are still some jobs that are more safely completed by hiring a well-established professional.

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Your safety and the safety of those around you is paramount, and at Rissland Garage Doors our experts are familiar with the risks of garage door installation and repair. Your garage door opener springs for example, can be very dangerous to service, repair or replace and our trained professionals know how to avoid the risks associated with garage door spring replacement. Spring replacement is a very common repair for a broken garage door as your springs are responsible for lifting the weight of your heavy garage door. A garage door opener can lift hundreds of pounds of weight depending upon the horsepower of your model and the width of your door.  Generally speaking, the more horsepower your model contains, the faster your opener will lift the door. Given that your springs are doing all of the heavy lifting, it is no surprise that spring malfunction is one of the most common problems encountered when a garage door requires repair or replacement.

A professional repairman will be able to easily identify which type of spring your model is using (torsion or extension), diagnose your spring problem, and restore service to your garage door safely. Many spring relatedinjuries result from well-intentioned amateurs while trying to fix their own broken garage doors. Clearly, it is much safer for homeowners to leave spring replacement and garage door repair to qualified garage door maintenance and repair professionals.

–        Approximately 1610 injuries are reported to US hospitals each year as a result of do-it-yourself garage door repairs.

–       Approximately 2102 injuries are reported due to falling doors (remember: it is the springs that lift the weight of the door).

–       At least 313 annual injuries reported to hospitals are directly attributable to springs alone.

–       224 people are injured when doors that should be repaired are left unattended.

Your springs are key to the proper function of your garage door and different springs react differently, making some even more dangerous than others. If you have torsion springs you are fortunate to have springs that are known to be much easier to maintain (and arguably safer). Torsion springs rotate, last longer than their counterparts (extension springs) and create a smoother, more controlled motion while opening and closing your door. Extension springs are sometimes hard to avoid, as they are used primarily when costs need to be kept low, or space is at a premium and there is a lack of room for torsion. Extension springs cost less in the short term, but require replacement in about half the time of a torsion spring. The expansion and contraction of the springs makes them more vulnerable to malfunction therefore professional tune-ups can be very important to maintaining the safe operation of your garage door if you have this type of spring.

The Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional When Replacing Springs

1. Security – garage doors are a popular means of entry for would-be thieves. Knowing that your door is operating properly, without incident, is the peace of mind that only a garage door professional can give you. To protect your home from burglary or invasion, make sure that you hire a garage door repair specialist to help keep your door tightly closed when you are sleeping or away from home.

2. Professional expertise – garage door repair professionals like our qualified experts, often have years of experience servicing and installing garage doors to help them quickly diagnose and fix any garage door problem. Not only will your estimate for the necessary work happen faster, you will also have the benefit of knowing that your repair work will be completed by someone who has done this before.

cost3. Cost – saving time means saving money. As with many do-it-yourself projects, if you do not get it right the first time you may inevitably have to call in a pro to correct additional problems created by mistakes you have accidentally made. Calling a professional to begin with will likely save you money. As an added benefit, a professional may be able to suggest changes to your garage door system that will continue to save you money in the future.

4. Longevity – the longer you have to go between spring replacements could be impacted by simple calibrations that only a professional would be able to diagnose and recommend.

5. Safety – the most important reason to hire a professional is for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. According to consumer product safety studies, it is estimated that approximately 20,000 people visit hospitals every year with garage door related injuries that vary in severity. Professional help with spring replacement can help keep you out of the hospital and ensure that no one else is hurt if you miss something while attempting to change your own springs.   Always be cognizant of the fact that while spring replacement may seem like an easy task, the purpose of a spring is colossal and your springs can store up a lot of energy – the last thing you want is to have a spring release all of its stored energy and fly off in your direction.

To ensure that your spring replacement is safe, and to reduce the possible risk of harming the other residents in your home, please call a trusted Rissland Garage Doors specialist in Northern New Jersey by dialing our toll free number 1-800-300-DOOR (3667). Let our professionals keep you safe, save you money and protect your family, both during your spring replacement, and for years to come.

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