Types of Garage Door Openers

Many homeowners seek information on the best garage openers to make the right choice for their homes. Did you know that there are many models of openers? Getting educated on different types and models is a helpful pre-purchase step.

At Rissland, we believe in providing expert guidance to our customer to help them make educated buying decision. Our commitment to customer service and professional expertise has made us the #1 garage door company in Northern New Jersey. If you want the best services for your home, you can count on us. Primary types of openers are belt-drive systems, chain-drive systems. Each of the primary opener types has specific features and benefits. Getting to know them can help you choose the best types.

Belt-Drive System: These systems are rapidly growing in popularity. The reason is that they offer quiet, smooth operation. Plus, Belt-drive openers are very strong and can lift any door. If you want to replace a noisy opener with a quieter one, this may be the best option for you. Some homeowners may consider a quiet opener to be quite critical. This is true for anyone who has living space above or next to a garage.

Chain-Drive System: Historically, chain drive systems have been the most common type of garage opener. They feature a metal chain, which lifts doors up and down on tracks. The key advantage to this type is low cost. They are typically the least expensive option. However, they are usually much noisier than other options, which mean they are not the best opener choice for every garage.

Understanding the different types is a good first step. Next, you should consult Rissland Co. to determine the best options for your home. We offer many types of openers, along with an expert team who can complete professional installation very promptly. We have earned a reputation throughout Northern New Jersey for delivering top-notch customer service and unparalleled technical expertise. Let us work with you to install the best for your home.