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Top 2 Reasons To Have A Wooden Garage Door

Far from being simply utilitarian piece that blends seamlessly into the background, this style of garage door is highly desirable for its distinctive appearance. Wooden models are easily customizable and can also be painted in any color you desire. You can accentuate the garage area with a bold panel design, or create a subtle effect with toned down coloring.

1. Attractive and Beautiful: Wood itself has a decorative effect when applied as a novelty and many people choose to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through, using a simple stain application to accentuate the fine grain of the wood.

2. Easy To Customize: An attractive feature of wooden models is that they are easily customizable. While many homes have standard dimensions, there are several emerging on the market that require a customized fit. You may also want to consider a wooden model if you have recently remodeled and your old door no longer fits.

Many homeowners also love to choose between the different types of wood available, depending on their coloring and styling requirements and their budgetary needs. Different types of wood can also be added to the overall design of the door to create a truly unique and custom look, with dynamic patterns that stand out or subtle variations to quietly enhance the look of the exterior of the home.

Wooden Models are best when you want to give your home a unique design with attractive outer look.

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